Cameron Smith

Senior Physiotherapist + Clinic Owner

From a very young age to the present, Cameron has had his fair share of injuries. Some would call him accident prone, and others would question why he continues to play soccer and run crazy distances. Maybe he is just stubborn, or maybe, through firsthand experience, he has learnt how resilient the human body can be.  Cameron believes that by combining personal determination with professional guidance, life is limitless, and he wants to be that professional, helping others get the most out of their body, and reaching their goals.

In 2016, Cameron graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science/ Masters of Physiotherapy from Western Sydney University.   His first job after graduating was a role at Physio Inq St Marys.  There he was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of Physio Inq's most highly experienced senior physiotherapists. The team at St Marys were very supportive of his drive to grow and progress his career and his role evolved to include new graduate mentoring and university student educator responsibilities.  In 2019, he was promoted to senior physiotherapist.

Cameron's drive led to his next professional chapter, becoming the owner of Physio Inq Harrington Park, in 2020.   There, with the assistance of his wonderful clinical and admin team, he delivers physiotherapy services to the Macarthur region. With a passion for education, he continues to mentor new graduates, helping them to find their niche market within the vast scope of physiotherapy practice, and a passion for treating recreational sport and running injuries, he looks forward to meeting you.

Blake Mckean

Senior Physiotherapist

Blake completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise) at UWS and a Masters of Physiotherapy at USYD and has been working in private practice for the past 3 years.

He loves working with all types of sports injuries, as well as gym-related pain/injuries (CrossFit, bodybuilding, F45), shoulder injuries and knee injuries.

His passion is making people stronger than they were before their injury and focusing on preventing the injury from happening again.

With his down time, he will either be in the gym, at the beach, watching sport or spending time with his daughter.

Jonathan Bruce

Senior Physiotherapist

Jono is a passionate physiotherapist with several years of experience that loves to help others become pain-free and to become the next best version of themselves. Jono has spent many years in the health sector and believes in a good balance of hands-on and active therapies to help benefit patients.

When he isn't treating in the clinic, he is researching the newest evidence to help accelerate his

understanding of any injury, disease, or condition. His friendly approach and infectious smile, coupled with his passion to help others, makes him believe he is one of the best.

Outside of Physiotherapy, Jono has too many hobbies to count, some of which include gym, kayaking, motorcycles, golf, fishing, and snowboarding, to name a few. If there is something out there worth enjoying, he has probably tried it!

Constantine Logothetis


Kosta is our eager young physiotherapist dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those navigating daily challenges. Kosta's heartfelt passion for hands-on skills such as massages, mobilisations, and taping stems from the profound belief in their transformative impact on patients. By seamlessly integrating the latest evidence into his approach, Kosta ensures you receive the most effective and compassionate care. Outside of physiotherapy Kosta has a wide range of hobbies that he loves to engage in with his spare time such as; video editing, photoshop, learning to play the piano, discovering new technology and, learning some ancient history and philosophy.

Jenny Vuong


Jenny completed her undergraduate studies in Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University in Canada. She then pursued a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Bond University on the Gold Coast. Her passion for physiotherapy stemmed from working with disabilities and the paediatric population. She has an avid interest in working with musckuloskeletal injuries with a passion in helping patients maximise their function and achieve their goals. Outside of work, Jenny enjoys learning about the Australian culture, playing volleyball, travelling, and going on food adventures.

Michael Liu

Exercise Physiologist

Michael’s passion and interest for exercise and rehab started as a young athlete managing his own injuries, aches and pains. With an increasing interest in chronic health management, he completed his Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree at Charles Sturt University. Michael’s areas of interest include chronic health conditions, work-related injuries and sports injuries. Michael has his own experiences with chronic health conditions and believes all individuals can benefit from exercise to improve their quality of life. Michael looks forward to delivering evidence-based exercise treatments that aim to build resilience, capacity, and confidence. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, training in the gym and hunting for the best food spots in South West Sydney.

Hitomi Miyai

Remedial Massage Therapist

Hitomi was a professional long-distance runner in Japan. The unique experience of having a world-class coach, teammates and massage therapists helped me realise the importance of body maintenance & injury prevention and led to an interest in pursuing a career as a remedial massage therapist. With over 10 years of massage experience, Hitomi looks forward to providing a personal professional experience and helping her clients achieve their goals. Outside of work, Hitomi enjoys cooking with her husband, listening to music, singing, playing drums, nature walks, crafting, watching comedies, and sharing quality time with family and friends.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Client Relationship Manager

Lisa recently joined the team at Camden at the end of 2021. Lisa comes from an administration background and worked in hospitality and events for several years. Outside of work Lisa is a mother to her three children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and has an interest in aromatherapy and floristry.

Robyn Penson

Client Relationship Manager

Robyn is an experienced member of the Physioinq family, originally working at our St Marys clinic and now a familiar face at our Camden + Harrington Park clinics. Outside of work, Robyn loves spending time down the coast having a few laughs with friends & family.

Ashleigh van Niekerk

Client Relationship Manager

Ash is an easy going person born & raised here in Australia of South African & Zimbabwean background. Ash has a degree in international studies and has enjoyed teaching English in South Korea for the last three years. In her downtime, Ash enjoys socialising, gaming & dancing.

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